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Ikasha's Travels and Educational Outreach Potential:


Plan “A” that I had in May of 2020 involved Ikasha and me travelling through Europe and telling stories of her and my Salish culture and letting people meet and touch her. Her truck would have safely brought us to many thousands of people.

Ikasha_travelling truck jpeg.jpg

On our return from Europe we would have travelled from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Victoria, BC sharing all her stories and love with her Canadian Children.

As it is not to be that I should sell Ikasha, my Salish Speaking Stone Person, I would have traded on our journey the chips and stones that I hammered off of her original block of Labradorite in exchange for a small donation, so that I could continue my work and feed my family. Many friends and supporters thought it a wonderful idea for me to travel together with Ikasha and meet the world, but now, as of December 2020, there is no sight of the current pandemic dissipating and I am obliged to follow plan “B”.


Plan “B” is that once her home is finished here in Grand Forks, BC, Canada and hopefully travel restrictions are dropped, then the world shall come and visit her in her Salish Earth Lodge at the confluence of our two beautiful rivers.

If I cannot tell the stories abroad and throughout Canada and in that way educate the people about our First Nations culture and experience, then it remains a large part of plan “B” to start our Educational Outreach Potential here at her home in Grand Forks.

Together with some of the Friends of Ikasha Council we have formulated a brief outline of our proposed program below.


David Seven Deers, December 2020



(Yamalot Heelah Shlahlee)

Ikasha’s Earth Lodge Project and Her Educational Outreach Potential




Working towards true Reconciliation for all of Creation  


  1. Creating respectful spaces in which to watch with silence and listen

  2. Utilize truth telling paradigm used to deepen historical knowledge and better understand present day life

  3. Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning for all (Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Peoples)

  4. Include personal, local, regional, provincial, national and world Indigenous cultures, viewpoints, languages, spiritual practices, and traditions

  5. Context matters: connects to sense of belonging and strengthens cultural continuity


Shows Respect for Indigenous culture through: (UN DESA 2020)

  • Hearing stories/Reading texts about Indigenous culture spoken/written by Indigenous authors

  • Listen deeply and resist urge to propose solutions for Indigenous Issues

  • Watch and listen first and then ask questions during cultural events

  • Avoid stereotyping and racial profiling

  • Consultation


Reconceptualize Education to include ‘Indigenous Ways of Knowing’

  • Lifelong learning continuum from birth to death

  • Holistic and interconnected cultural paths

  • Gives everyone (children, youth, adults, and elders) the opportunity to develop their gifts in a respectful space

  • Strives for a balanced physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual life (Native Medicine Wheel)

  • Fosters identity, facilitates well-being, connects to the land, honours language, and recognizes the right to self-determination


In addition to achieving all of the above at Shining Raven Woman’s Earth Lodge other areas of the river confluence park could be utilized by creating respectful spaces and resources:

  • Information Kiosks and plaques on site

  • Fire pit circle with stone or wood seating for storytelling, cultural teachings

  • Pavilion gathering space

  • Demonstration of Indigenous culture/arts by Indigenous artists,

  • Books/stories authored by Indigenous Peoples

  • Short media clips, displays and longer video stories and extensive use of all social media technologies

  • Participation by students and youth in all forms of Indigenous arts, history, culture, sport etc.

  • etc


Develop Collaborative Partnerships with individuals, groups, organizations, municipal, regional, provincial, national and international entities, (Pre-school, K-12 and College/University, Research Councils, physical and mental health organizations).

We wholeheartedly invite all people and groups from near and afar to come to Grand Forks, B.C. and visit Shining Raven Woman’s Earth Lodge home and river confluence park (Unity Park) to touch, listen and learn.


David Seven Deers  and Friends of Ikasha Council   -   December 2020

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