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Spirit Canoe

Following your Heart

Help and Donations

The Spirit Canoe from David Seven Deers.

To complete Shining Raven Woman’s Earth Lodge we require help and donations.

So many of Earth’s people only barely have the means to feed themselves or their families so to this multitude Ikasha sends her welcoming invitation with loving heart to join her Spirit Canoe.

For these who have so little, a positive thought or loving prayer is the greatest gesture most can send and is so deeply appreciated.

So for those of you, who in these very difficult times can give a bit more than a prayer or positive thought, please find below our officially recognized support accounts where cheques or credit card transfers can be accepted.

You have the choice of supporting the construction of Ikasha’s Earth Lodge Spirit Canoe, whatever your preference.

  1. For the construction costs of Ikasha’s Earth lodge please use this connection:



The City of Grand Forks will be accepting donations towards the project; donations over $100 will be eligible for an official donation receipt for Canadian income tax purposes.

Cheques can be mailed to:

The City of Grand Forks,

PO Box 220, Grand Forks, BC

V0H 1H0



Please reference “The Shining Raven Woman” and

provide a return address for your donation receipt.


Please  - for further




    2.  For those of you who would like to support my creative work in completing Ikasha's home:


For all of Ikasha’s friends who want to donate and are outside of Canada or the United States of America and want to use the Charitable Impact account you will be required, if you use a credit card, to use this address for your transaction:


1500 West Georgia St.

Vancouver, BC,

V6G 2Z6



 I have been told by the Charity Foundation that when making the donation, the credit card processor they use requires a North American address to be entered. All Canadian and American donors can use their own home addresses



The Friends of Ikasha who already sit in her Spirit Canoe all possess a common virtue.

That of giving and trying hard to make our world a better place for all of creation most especially Earth’s children!

Some gave money but others gave their time, talents or voice to make this exciting and important journey possible. So give what you can and all is heartily acknowledged.


HEI  CHICKA = Thanks Big in Halkomelem.


David Seven Deers in December 2020

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